How Can a Mutual Fund App Help You Compound Your Wealth Systematically?

Mutual funds have gained popularity as an investing strategy since the first mutual fund, Unit Trust of India, was established in 1963. Mutual funds are a collection of financial securities, including stocks, bonds, and short-term loans, that are managed by qualified fund managers.

Using a mutual fund app to invest in these funds helps you diversify your portfolio in an efficient manner. But this blog is for you if you’re wondering if these investments can increase in value over time! Let’s explore mutual fund compounding in more detail.

The Compounding Effect: What Is It?

The practice of investing interest or earnings over your principal investments is called compounding. Consequently, further earnings are produced by the reinvested profits and earnings.

Here’s an illustration of the compounding effect’s potency. Assume for the moment that you are investing 20,000 rupees in total at a 10% interest rate. One year later, this sum rises to 22,000.

The first-year returns would be the same regardless of whether you invested in a plan that generated compound interest or simple interest. The magic starts after the first year; the entire maturity amount for both investment techniques after ten years is shown in the table below.

Your fund managers reinvest your gains back into the schemes when you invest in mutual funds. As a result, over time, these profits also produce earnings.

SIPs: The Rule of 8-4-3

SIPs are a great method to gradually and methodically accumulate wealth. If you start with little capital and invest tiny amounts over time, you can make huge returns. The 8-4-3 rule, for example, appropriately makes use of compounding.

Here’s an example to show you how this rule works.

It would take eight years for your total fortune to reach 80 lakhs if you invest Rs. 50,000 per month in a SIP plan with a projected rate of return of 12%. It would only take an additional four years to achieve around 1.61 crore.

Ultimately, you would have saved an additional 80 lakhs by the end of the 15th year, bringing your total wealth to around 2.5 crores.

How Can a Mutual Fund App Help You Compound Your Wealth?

Here are some instructions to help you use the mutual fund app to compound your money.

Evaluate and Research: Choose the schemes you wish to invest in after determining your risk tolerance.

Select the platform for investing. Make sure the finest mutual fund app you select is intuitive, perceptive, and helpful.

Invest: Now that you have selected the app and set up your account, you can add money and begin making investments. You must first decide how much money and how frequently you wish to invest before you can make your SIP investment. Additionally, because the money is automatically deducted from your account, make sure that there are enough funds kept there.

In summary

With a mutual fund app, compounding your wealth is a relatively easy procedure because the fund managers handle much of the automation. But don’t forget to investigate and evaluate several ideas before selecting the best one.

The power of compounding will increase exponentially over time and expand your wealth tenfold if you are disciplined and patient! Your wealth can increase in proportion to the length of time you continue to invest and give the compounding effect time to work its magic. Thus, get started early, maintain your investment throughout time, and allow compound interest to assist you in reaching your financial objectives.

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