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QR codes are a useful tool for marketing and improving customer contact. In recent years, QR code generators have become increasingly popular as businesses attempt to take advantage of their variety and simplicity. As technology progresses, more powerful tools for making QR codes are introduced every year. With this in mind, this post will explore the top QR code generators of 2023, offering readers an up-to-date look at the greatest quality tools available.
QR codes have become an essential marketing tool in today’s digital environment. These codes can be scanned by smartphones, making it easier for customers to access information about a product or service. QR codes are adaptable and can be used for numerous reasons, such as advertising, promotions, event registration, and payments.

As businesses make the journey towards digitalization, the ability to produce QR codes gives them a rapid and efficient way of communicating with customers anytime and anywhere. With the correct QR code-generating tool, businesses can simply design customized codes that enhance the consumer experience and effectively promote brand awareness.
In 2023, the relevance of QR codes is likely to expand even further as customers become increasingly reliant on mobile devices. As such, firms should invest in these technologies to stay ahead of the competition by being able to provide quick access to their products or services.


Beaconstac’s QR Code generator stands as both an innovative and the most secure QR Code solution available, making it the preferred choice for prominent companies such as Pepsi, Revlon, and The New York Times.

It’s designed for everyone, from individuals to companies, giving a straightforward interface that helps you simply create, customize, and download high-quality QR Codes. It even comes with a free QR Code generator tool that lets you make simple static QR Codes for free.

Its dynamic QR Codes are both editable and trackable, and with the pre-designed templates, you can change them easily and even add your company logo. This manner, you may use branded QR Codes across all your marketing materials.

The solution also offers complete analytics, which includes connectivity with Google Analytics. This is in addition to the several additional connectors it offers with other platforms, including marketing automation solutions like Workato, Zapier, etc. Beaconstac’s QR Code generator is also GDPR and SOC-2 Type 2 certified, satisfying high data protection standards.

2. Scanova

Scanova is a well-known QR code generator that has made it to the list of the best QR code generators of 2023. Scanova’s special feature is its user-friendly interface and its ability to create dynamic QR codes, which are modifiable even after they have been printed. With Scanova, customers may customize their codes by adding logos, colors, and other graphic elements.

In addition to creating classic black and white QR codes that link to websites or social media accounts, Scanova delivers sophisticated functionality such as document scanning and location-based codes. Users can generate codes that transport users directly to a certain location on Google Maps or offer them fast access to a PDF or document.

Scanova also offers analytics that allows users to track scans of their codes in real-time. This data helps organizations discover how effective their marketing strategies are and how they may adjust them for better outcomes.

3. Visualead

Visualead is a QR code generator that adds a unique spin to regular black and white codes. It allows users to generate custom-designed QR codes that can feature logos, photos, and multiple colors. This feature helps businesses stand out from competition by developing visually appealing codes that correspond with their logo.

With Visualead’s drag-and-drop editor, users can simply add design components to their programs and alter the size and location of each object. The software also includes comprehensive tracking options that allow businesses to monitor scan activity in real-time. This data can help them track how effective their marketing strategies are and make modifications as needed

Overall, Visualead is a wonderful alternative for businesses wishing to develop custom-designed QR codes that not only perform effectively but also appear visually appealing. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone without design skills to write professional-looking codes in minutes.


GOQR is a free QR code generator program that allows users build dynamic QR codes for their businesses. This platform allows customers to personalize the design, size, and color of their QR codes to make them more appealing to their target market. One of the main characteristics of GOQR is its ability to generate QR codes in numerous forms such as URL, text, and vCard.

GOQR’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for novice users to browse around the platform and create high-quality QR codes within minutes. In addition, this application features a built-in analytics component that allows business owners to track how many times their QR code has been scanned and where it was scanned from. With these insights, business owners may modify their marketing campaigns accordingly.

GOQR is an efficient and convenient way for businesses to produce custom-designed QR codes that are both visually appealing and practical. With its ease-of-use and extensive analytics function included at no extra cost, it’s not hard to understand why it’s one of the top QR code generators accessible in 2023.

5. Unitag

Unitag is a QR code generator that offers a range of capabilities for businesses to build dynamic and customisable QR codes. With Unitag, users may choose from a choice of templates to generate eye-catching codes or design their own unique codes using the platform’s modification features. Users can add logos or images to their codes, adjust the colors of various elements, and add text or call-to-action buttons.

One important aspect of Unitag is its analytics dashboard, which provides details on how many times the code has been scanned, where it was scanned from (geographically), and what kind of device was utilized. This information can be valuable for firms wishing to track engagement with their QR codes and make data-driven decisions regarding future marketing efforts.

In addition to static QR codes, Unitag now offers dynamic QR codes that allow users to alter the content behind the code without needing to generate a new one. This capability might be useful in cases where businesses want to deliver up-to-date information through their QR codes, such as promotions or event details.

6. QRickit

QRickit is a QR code generator that gives a wide range of customizing options. It allows users to choose from several templates, adjust colors, and add logos or images to their codes. Additionally, QRickit gives analytics tools for tracking how many times the code has been scanned and from which location.

One unique feature of QRickit is its ability to generate “smart” codes that can route users to multiple URLs based on their device type or location. For example, if someone scans the code using an iPhone, they will be sent to a mobile-friendly website tailored for iOS devices.

QRickit also includes sophisticated security settings such as password protection and expiration dates for codes. This ensures that only authorized users may access the content behind the code and prevents unauthorized sharing or distribution.


In conclusion, QR solutions are becoming increasingly popular and accessible to everyone. With the help of the top QR code generators accessible in 2023, businesses and individuals alike can quickly design bespoke codes tailored to their respective needs. These generators offer a wide range of capabilities such as configurable designs, tracking metrics, and even lead creation tools.

Furthermore, with the advent of mobile technology and contactless payments, QR codes have become a crucial tool for many businesses. From restaurants to retail businesses, RFID codes provide a smooth approach for customers to view menus or make transactions without touching any surfaces. Additionally, they can also be used for event check-ins or digital business cards.

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