There are five apps on your phone that are essential

There are five apps on your phone that are essential

Nearly everyone in today’s society own a cell phone. Over the past ten years, there has been a notable advancement in mobile technology, and nearly all smartphone owners today. Both Apple and Android, the two primary smartphone operating systems, are widely used worldwide and are constantly evolving and getting better. Android recently unveiled a new Samsung Galaxy, while Apple recently unveiled the new iPhone 12. We no longer only use our phones for texting or making calls, making them an essential component of our life. Rather, we now use our phones for a variety of other things as well, and they have evolved into a convenient and necessary tool that we can use anywhere in our hectic life. You can use your phone for everything in your daily life—whether you need to use it for business, to play music, to check emails, or just to find your way—thanks to the ongoing development of new apps. We’ve compiled a list of the five phone apps that we think you simply must have in the article below.

web browser

Because of all the uses for which you can put an internet browser on your phone, it is nearly difficult to live without one. When you need to locate a specific website or conduct a Google search, having an internet browser on your phone makes things so much easier because you don’t need to have your computer close by to locate what you need. Perhaps you want to play lotto in India or you need to find a certain recipe. The web browser on your phone can assist you in finding anything you need in a couple of seconds, no matter what it is. Although the majority of smartphones already have an internet browser installed, you can also download different browsers using your phone’s app store.

Applications for social media

A nearly universal majority of smartphone owners utilize social media. Because utilizing social media on your phone is so much simpler than using a computer, it is therefore challenging to live without any social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook are a few of the most widely used social networking programs available. There’s a good chance you use at least one of these social networking apps, even if you don’t use them all. Social networking is a great method to stay in touch with friends and family and keep up with their life, among many other wonderful benefits.



Many individuals use their phones for business as well, particularly when they are on the go and don’t have access to a computer. The Gmail app is fairly essential for this purpose. With Gmail, you can send and receive emails anytime you want, from anywhere, and you can keep track of your emails no matter where you are. Since you always have access to your emails when using the Gmail app on your phone, you can be confident that you will never miss any essential emails. We would be quite impressed if you could actually live without the Gmail app on your phone.

Maps on Google

We will also be quite impressed if you can live without using Google Maps on your phone. As long as your phone is connected to the internet, Google Maps can assist you in finding your way about. There will undoubtedly come a point in your life when you will require assistance in order to find your way around, particularly if you are on vacation and are having problems getting around. Google Maps is your friend when your internal compass isn’t functioning well and you don’t want to spend too much time getting lost wherever you are. Nowadays, it’s rare to find someone using a paper map, and when they do, it’s usually older folks who aren’t very tech-savvy.


The last app on your phone that we think you absolutely must have is Spotify, or any other app that allows you to listen to music. You may use Spotify in a lot of different circumstances in your daily life, such as while you’re on the bus, going for a stroll, cleaning your house, or simply hanging out with friends. You can keep yourself occupied while you work on other tasks by using the Spotify app to play music. There’s no denying that your musical tastes have evolved over time. In the past, you would use a ghetto blaster or the stereo to listen to music. Subsequently, the iPod was created to enable portable music listening, and presently, there are hundreds of applications available for smartphones, with music playing being just one of them.

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