Mac’s Top 5 PDF Editors

Your tools will determine whether the work is completed on schedule and to the highest possible standard. There are some universal tools you should have in your digital toolbox in addition to any specialized ones depending on the nature of your business. A PDF editor is one such tool.

While some PDF programs are complex and difficult to use, others offer a wide range of functionality. It can be difficult to choose just one tool and stick with it. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the top five PDF editors for Mac users.

The tool that is ideally balanced comes first on the list: PDF Reader Pro. Despite having all the features you could possibly require, PDF Reader Pro’s design makes it simple to use and intuitive. This tool’s interactive reading system, which enables the user to mark text while reading with an advanced annotation system, is its greatest asset.

This utility provides the common page editors and features required to split and combine various PDF files. Thanks to the sophisticated OCR algorithm, you can transform scanned documents with 99% accuracy into editable PDF files!

Form creation, completion, and signature are very simple and straightforward processes. If necessary, you can use PDF Reader Pro to watermark a specific area of a page or password-protect your documents. You can reduce file size after you’re done working, which will make your coworkers’ and your own jobs easier.

PDF Authority

While PDF Expert has a limited feature set, it has an easy-to-use interface. For users who do not want to make complex adjustments on a daily basis, this makes it a great tool. It can take a while to find the right tool in this editor, and the outcome you want may not be the greatest.

When reading a PDF file, the user has access to an advanced annotation system that has all the features they might possibly require. The editor is simple to use on other platforms because to its synchronization with several Apple products, including the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


The next tool on our list is PDFpen, an adaptable and user-friendly editor. As the name implies, annotating PDF documents and taking notes is easy and generally good. Despite being designed for macOS, the UI of this editor doesn’t really match the overall style of other Mac products. OCR is functional, and a form-filling and signature feature is always nice.

PDF Foxit Phantom

The editor that Foxit created is in no way traditional. Although PhantomPDF has a user-friendly interface, there is a steep learning curve for the ordinary user. It can even convert PDF files to other formats, like Word and Excel, and has all the functionality a PDF editor needs.

You can use this editor on a daily basis after finishing your schoolwork, but less tech-savvy readers shouldn’t utilize it. Since PhantomPDF doesn’t show much compatibility with other editors, make sure everyone utilizes it if you plan to use it in a collaborative context.


The last item on our list is a well-known open-source PDF editor that works with LibreOffice. LibreOffice tools provide an interface that is very similar to Microsoft desktop tools. On the other hand, one shouldn’t have great expectations for the features and output produced by this editor.

A useful tool for examining and underlining specific sections of PDF files is LibreOffice. The drawback is that there isn’t much room for editing the file itself. After exporting the file, the integrated picture engine processes them, rendering the text unselectable and limiting the flexibility of subsequent modifications.

In summary

The majority of PDF editors have a similar foundation, but the flavor that each one has affects how many people use it. We discovered PDF Reader Pro, the Mac user’s all-purpose PDF editor. An interface that is both flexible and well-organized, equipped with all the functionality required for daily tasks.

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