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It won’t be inaccurate if I claim social media and online marketing are alternatives to each other. Many small businesses are growing solely because they are functioning in an era that’s full of social media platforms. They were lucky to have access to millions of potential consumers through social networking.

Accessing clients is not a major deal. Time and effort are required to attract clients, and once you can cultivate that devoted customer, you create a brand ambassador that markets your product to new clients. The difficulty is how you maintain them all intact with the chance of rising in numbers.

Engagement keeps them connected. Every promotion has to include an engagement component. This is the only way to ensure clients get in touch with the company, product, or service. Out of numerous strategies to engage clients, organizing a contest is one fascinating activity to go with.

The contest is a form of competition that gets the participants to exhibit their mastery over others in a particular subject of interest. Contests are a fun and healthy way to engage. If they don’t have an element of excitement and surprise, they will fail to attract clients.

Social media has its own set of standards when it comes to user engagement. Contests being one of them, users need to be mindful of special policies when designing and conducting contests on social media.

Here, we present a step-by-step method to help you with developing social media contests.

Social media contests are a terrific method to enhance engagement and reach on your platforms.

Social media contests are a terrific method to enhance engagement and reach on your platforms. By conducting a contest, you can inspire your followers to interact with your company and share your content with their peers.

Contests are also a terrific method to create new leads and build your following. By forcing participants to enter their contact information, you may quickly build up a list of potential consumers.

Hosting a contest is easy and can be done with just a few minutes of planning. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your contest is successful. First, identify a prize that will appeal to your target demographic. Second, promote your contest across all of your social media networks and make it easy for people to enter. Third, select a winner based on merit, not arbitrary chance.

guide to social media contest


During this phase, develop timetables, establish reasons and objectives as to why you want to run this particular contest, what the advantages will be, and how the business will benefit. Think about the various procedures involved in producing and administering the contest, allocating roles and tasks to the team members, and so forth.

Plan how and when you want to execute this contest. Find the best social media site that meets your needs. Design engaging graphics both for the contest and for the campaign to promote it before the event happens. Dry-run the campaign to see how it looks on social media.

Giveaways Contents

Winners expect a prize or a reward at the end of the contest. There is no point in running a contest and leaving the competitors without recognition. Think of the giveaway as a souvenir and a chronicle of the competition and your business. It has to be something linked. I suppose discount vouchers are simply another attempt to ‘trap’ the consumer into spending money to buy anything at so-called discounted pricing. Discount vouchers, unless they add value for the customers, will do more harm than good.

The giveaway can be your stuff or something else. Plan intelligently and give the gift in a beautiful, appealing style to make winners feel special.


For contests, you may always look into combining with other firms to form a joint venture. This might be either the complete campaign planned out together or you can merely arrange for a giveaway together. Don’t forget to provide due credit to your partners.

Campaign and Engage

Once all the paraphernalia is ready, it is time to start the actual process. Promote the contest before it starts to happen. Create an appeal for your contest and add a surprise aspect for individuals to make them interested. Try not to mix any other promotion with the contest.

As the contest begins, give forth clear rules and guidance for the users to follow. Keep a watch on naughty users, halt any derailing or deceptive comments, and quickly delete them.

Engage with the audience during the campaign. This engagement should be aimed at the target group to motivate and engage them in the contest.

Use Technology

Strive for a neutral contest that delivers unbiased results. The application of technology can resolve this issue. Social media enables users with facilities to pick a winner and conduct random draws. Some applications and sites enable you to draw results from your contests by going on and creating an account and allowing you to link your post to the service. You can also receive aid from buying social followers about it. It then automatically picks the relevant remarks, users, and winners. These statistics might also serve to chart the overall patterns of the contest.

Retweetpick, Iconosquare, and Woobox Dashboard are a few of the tools that help you deal with the metrics of a contest.


Collect data to examine and evaluate your social media contest. Keep track of responses, likes, and dislikes to evaluate if the audience appreciated the contest or not. General feedback can also help in evaluating the campaign.

The study would help in identifying what worked and what did not. If the action was able to generate the specified outcome,.

To read more, here are some brief links for social media contest rules:

  • Instagram contest regulations
  • Facebook contest rules
  • Twitter contest rules
  • Pinterest contest rules


As social media usage continues to expand, so does the potential for businesses to host successful contests. By 2023, conducting a social media contest will be an integral aspect of any marketing strategy.

Here are a few pointers on how to organize a successful social media contest:

1. Plan ahead and set a budget. Decide what you want to achieve with your contest and how much you’re willing to invest.
2. Choose the proper platform. Make sure you select a platform that is popular with your target demographic.
3. Keep it simple. Don’t make your contest overly confusing or difficult to enter.
4. Offer an attractive award. Your prize should be something that will appeal to your target audience and drive them to enter your contest.
5. Promote your contest effectively.

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